About Us

Welcome to MJpiping,
Your partner in metal sourcing


Our business activities are centered on the event, producing and distribution of steel pipes. We offer solutions for the whole water cycle, energy and power distribution, for telecommunication networks and industrial applications. MJ Piping’s distinctive position of providing customers with wonderful services and product is that the results of constant improvement and innovation at the very best quality level. Outstanding competency, extraordinary union, and visionary management square measure the key factors for being no.1 in terms of client satisfaction.

Best Quality Guaranteed

All our products are ISO 9001:2008 certified along with PSI accreditations which match up to the standard levels.

Fastest and Safest Delivery

We provide same day shipment if urgent and also the normal deliveries don’t take much long. All our products are safely packed and ensured that nothing is damaged during packing and shipment process.

Discipline and Responsible

We seek self discipline and perform consistent to our cultures, beliefs and conduct code. We owe responsible nature with belonging and environmental safeguard.

Customer Focus and Passion

Our actions are aligned to cater the needs of customers and are sincere towards our commitment. We are passionate about excelling propels and are committed to provide best quality.

Our Practices

We always strive to make best and better quality products all the times. We keep rousting our processes and system.

Inspection and Testing

Each of MJ Piping’s products undergo comprehensive mandatory and supplementary specified by customer along with special tests performed at our in-house testing personnel.

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