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Hello, We are MJPIPING.
Established 2000 – MUMBAI.



Your one stop solution for Stainless steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Duplex Steel, Titanium , Monel & other Special grades Sheets/Plates/Coils.




Product that we manufacture are made of excellent Quality which increases our products life cycle and also our products ranks best for its rough and tough long-lasting use.Materials that we use in our product are very pure and authentic. Our customers undoubtedly order products from us because their belief on us is firm in matter of Quality products



Our product exporting and manufacturing is very smoothly done our logistics team looks after the appropriate dispatching of products. We always complete our order before time and our customers are always satisfied by our fast delivery service. We make sure that our clients don’t come back to us with any complaints regarding the product Delivery.



We provide our Clients with after sales services also, so that if they face any complaint or query regarding the product after the delivery of product or any confusion regarding how to use it then we make sure that we clear their doubts and queries and also fulfill their expectations that they have from us.

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Our Core Product Range Includes Stainless Steel Sheets, Carbon Steel Plates, Duplex Steel Sheets, Super Duplex Steel, Titanium Sheets / Plates etc.

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M J Piping provides steel pipe universally with strict analysis of products before finally disposing them for consumer shipment.The pipes manufactured by our company are of unbelievable strength with a great ability to yield even under heavy load. However, making them resistant to break and shock.


Steel pipe are alloys of iron and carbon. A pipe is basically an empty barrel used as an ingredient mostly for construction works and also for plumbing, dispersion majors, charged or voltaic canals and vapor transmit.Are pipes prone to huge compression? Well, this is where steel pipe come in use as they are lighter and stronger with comparison to cast iron pipes.In this enormous world of diversities, you may ask for different types of steel we sell? Moreover, you must be living in doubt of what and which kind of steel to look for when choosing among steel shapes, sizes and grades.We will help you in becoming transparent with all your doubts by litigating you about the four categories of steel (Alloy, carbon, tool and stainless Steel).On the other hand, The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) has categorized steel into four basic groups based on their chemical compositions:

As a matter of fact, Grade of steel distinguishes the properties of steel. Those properties can be- physical, chemical and environmental. The amount of carbon and other alloys determines the property of each grade.

First and foremost, the varieties of steel depends on the basis of factors:
Arrangement: stainless, carbon range, alloy.
Manufacturing process: electric furnace and continuous cast
Used method of finishing: hot or Cold Rolled, Cold drawn or Finished, Etc.
Structure and form: structural, sheet, tube, pipe, rod, bar, etc.
De-oxidation process (removal of oxygen): Killed and Semi-Killed Steel, Etc.
Microstructure: Martensitic, ferrite, pearlite, etc.
Real stamina or hardness (based on ASTM level).
Heat Treatment: Tempered, annealed, quenched, etc.
Characteristic Nomenclature: pressure Vessel Quality, drawing quality, commercial quality, etc.
On the other hand, along with steel pipe our company also produces aluminized steel (used to make automobile parts), flat rolled steel (used to make pipe and tube products).

Other products:

Above all, various products like copper and plastic plumbing tubes are also manufactured. Also, truss and rivet head binding posts- which are industrial purpose fasteners.


M J Piping has discrete usage in the below listed commerce:
Construction and architecture
Steel scaffolding
Intensity and power
confined oil and gases
Machine and corporation.
Marine environments as it has amazing resistance to salt water.
Our company lays among world’s top most industries and our raw materials are also in harmony with the ASTM and ASME levels. Our customers also have the right to physically visit and check the quality of goods used and produced.

By far, every product that our company had and still manufactures, really has a long lasting working capacity which makes our customers choose our products over any other manufacturers.All the products produced here are leak less and resistant to immense strain.You can always depend on our professionals for your quality purchases.

For steel pipe fitting, following components come into use:
Pipe fittings hose nipples
Hose barb fittings accessories
Nut nipples hose barbs
Steel fasteners and socket nut.
Pipe connectors and plugs, etcetera.


There are two types of steel pipe which namely are- seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe.
Seamless Steel Pipe:
Seamless steel pipe are usually those which are round in shape and square-rectangle with empty cross sections in them.
They come from solid round billets without any joints.
Their dimension range from 1/8 inch to 26 inch OD.
They are mostly used in areas of high-pressure like Hydrocarbon Industries & Refineries, oil and gas transportation, air and hydraulic cylinders, oil and gas exploration and drilling, etc.

Welded Steel Pipe:
Black steel pipe or strip steel which has a crimp are use to make welded steel pipe.
Rolling of metal followed welding it longitudinally across its length leads to making of welded pipes.
They have a welded joint in its cross-section and Strip or coil for up to 24” OD.
Commonly used in areas of low pressure like transportation of water or oil.
In fact, M J piping has been working so professionally that it has achieved excellence in producing all kinds of products be it steel pipe, hose nipples, hose barb, steel fasteners, socket nuts, etc.

On the other hand, our products are also supplied with

With our vision we look forward to work hard and do tremendous progress which may lead us to becoming the world’s highly professional top steel manufacturer with advanced technology, sustainable management and a socially co-operated work environment.

  • Certificate of material testing done
  • Catalog of the item bought.

Above all, we believe in providing our customers a good service and so has M J Piping started a new trend of providing a basic “TRY First” samples of steel pipes produced. In this case, we allow the customer to try the pipes before usage and can go further when satisfied.
Moreover, this trend is not only applicable for steel pipes, but for other products manufactured.
However, we need to control some characteristics of the pipes during production. The diameter of the pipe varies from small pipes to big pipes and so the diameter of the pipe is alter as per use.
In fact, the thickness of the wall of the pipe dominates along with the steel’s type as it has the impact on pipe. As a result, the type of steel will also have an impact on the pipe’s stamina and elasticity. Characteristics like length, coating material and end finish can be modify.
Ultimately, with all the skilled employees at M J Piping industries, these concerns are very well taken care of.
Measures taken by M J Piping to take care of its products:
Also, Calorizing treatment under high temperature to both inner and outer surfaces of the welded pipes.
Another ceramic coating to the calorized pipes which gives an extra life. No doubt, they are resistant to corrosion when set in high temperature.
Fine polishing and beveling to all the end products.
Other additional processes for the output like heat treatment, annealing, pickling, ultra sonic testing, destructive testing, etc.
As a mark of identification, our products have the company’s name encrypted on it. With fastest delivery service and best packaging service, you just can’t resist our products.

Our mission is to manufacture the best quality of pipes in the world and be the top industry with our customers honestly satisfied.

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In fact, M J piping has been working so professionally that it has achieved excellence in producing all kinds of products be it steel pipe, hose nipples, hose barb, steel fasteners, socket nuts, etc.
All things considered, different types of steel come in use when different kinds of liquids and gasses are transfer-
Steel or plastic pipes- for transport of oil.
Carbon steel- for natural gas transmission.
Slurry pipelines- for transport of coal or ore.
Ironically, being a much successful company, we at M J Piping industries have got facilities to create such different kinds of steel pipe for our consumers to be relentless while transferring different liquids and gases.
Meanwhile, more than 500,000 steel pipe are manufacture in-house every annum. Moreover, the end products are again analysed as we have a hardness and pressure tester, material quality tester and also a ferrule swaging testing machine.

We work closely with each of our customers to ensure the highest levels of quality products, customer service and application solutions to meet your fastener needs. We specialize in fasteners, forgings and fixings and are happy to quote and source any part for your company regardless of size, quantity, configuration or material.


254 SMO Fasteners
AL6XN Fasteners
Brass Fasteners
Carbon Steel Fasteners
Duplex Stainless Steel Fasteners
Hastelloy Fasteners
Inconel Fasteners
Monel Fasteners
Stainless Steel Fasteners
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254 SMO Plates
AL6XN Plates
Brass Plates
Carbon Steel Plates
Duplex Stainless Steel Plates
Hastelloy Plates
Inconel Plates
Monel Plates
Stainless Steel Plates
Super Duplex Plates
Titanium Plates


254 SMO Sheets
AL6XN Sheets
Brass Sheets
Carbon Steel Sheets
Duplex Stainless Steel Sheets
Hastelloy Sheets
Inconel Sheets
Monel Sheets
Stainless Steel Sheets
Super Duplex Sheets
Titanium Sheets